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Technical Problems

Checkout Issues


We have streamlined our system with very little frequencies of this happening. However, in the event that you’re unable to check out please try one of the following :

1) Clear your cache/cookies

2) Switch to another computer/mobile

If both fail, please send us your order in the contact form HERE with these details :

1) Your shopping cart

2) Shipping Address

3) Choice of Mail (Courier/Self-collection)

4) Payment mode (Paypal/ Bank Transfer)

Paypal Payment Issues

Please email us your order/order number and await our money  request to you if you can’t check out via paypal on your own.

How do I make an order?

  1. Register for an account or shop as a guest.
  2. Browse through our website for all the available releases. Click Shop on the menu bar.
  3. Once your heart is set, select the size and click ‘Add to Cart’ button!
  4. The item will be automatically added to the cart on the right corner of your window!
  5. If you’re happy with the items in your shopping bag, click check out to complete your order.

Why can’t I add items to my shopping bag?

Your web browser probably has “cookies” disabled. What’s a cookie? It’s a delicious sweet, but it’s also a small file stored on your computer that keeps track of what you’re doing online. This file allows us to “remember” what’s in your shopping bag. Some people are worried that cookies can be used for profiling or even planting viruses. TudungPeople Singapore

assure you that we do not subscribe to any of these practices.

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